The High Frequency Wand and its multi function heads
The High Frequency Wand, depicting its blue as well as its neon - orange and argon - violet light technologies
Five graphics showing how the High Frequency Wand benefits the face. A sixth graphic shows a dial which adjusts the devices strength.
8 images of a model stating that the High Frequency Wand causes no harm to the skin
The 6-in-1 Multi function heads belonging to the High Frequency Wand. Mushroom tube, Tungsten tube, Y-shape tube, Comb tube, Tongue tube and Bend tube heads.
The High Frequency Wand, depicting its blue as well as its neon - orange and argon - violet light technologies
The High Frequency Wand principle of high frequency micro current vibration that can produce heat

High Frequency Device

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High Frequency Wand

Historical and Cosmetic Significance: Since its discovery in European salons in the 1970s and subsequent popularization in North America by the 1980s, the High Frequency Wand has been renowned for its healing and cosmetic benefits. This safe, non-invasive technology is a leading treatment for various skin conditions including acne, wrinkles, and hair loss.

Benefits for Skin Rejuvenation: The wand increases oxygen to the skin, enhancing texture, tone, and glow. It's particularly effective in treating acne, stimulating collagen and elastin for a more youthful appearance. Its oscillation aids in lymphatic drainage, helping to reduce fluid buildup.

Advanced Blue High-Frequency Technology: Combining violet and orange high-frequency technologies, this High Frequency Wand is more effective than single-technology devices. It uses safe, natural high-frequency technology to enhance skincare routines.

Comprehensive 6-in-1 Set: The set includes six glass tubes, each tailored for different skincare needs, from targeting specific areas to offering a comprehensive skincare experience.

Customizable Strength: Adjustable strength allows for a personalized skincare experience, enabling users to achieve spa-like results at home.

Portable and Economical Design: With its compact, portable design, the wand is ideal for on-the-go skincare. It's an economical alternative to frequent spa visits, providing cost-effective, spa-quality results.

Clearing Breakouts and Killing Bacteria: Regular use of the wand helps to clear breakouts and kill bacteria, effectively reducing acne and enhancing the overall health of the skin.

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